Throughout the summer we'll enjoy the beauty of this place and season with one another and those we're planted among, and continue our apprenticeship with Jesus. Our Sunday gatherings will explore the ancient statements commonly referred to as The Ten Commandments [July 2 - September 10] and our parishes will continue to lean into the good life and work of facilitating connection, care and mission. For more information about these expressions of our collective life and more, be sure to check the Upcoming page throughout the season.



Opportunities to connect and engage in our shared life and work.


Throughout the summer Kaleo's kids will be exploring the life of the prophets found in the biblical story in a fun and engaging way. As part of this they will work in teams to engage and memorize texts associated with each prophet and earn points for this and a variety of other accomplishments. We'll post the updated standings below each week.



Resources for our shared life and work.


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