Did you know that a festival is taking place today, a global celebration that we're all invited to join?

Today, January 6, is a day known throughout the world as Epiphany, a day where those who have immersed themselves in the story of Jesus remember the visit of the wise men, the magi, that we find in the birth narrative of Jesus [Matthew 2:1-12]. Yet the remembering doesn't end there. In fact, the most astounding act of remembering associated with this day is the reality that Christ has been revealed to the Gentiles [the magi mentioned earlier fit in here as well], to those who aren't from a Jewish heritage, to all of us!

So may we remember well today. May we join the festival and celebrate this good news all day long, and into the days ahead. And may we listen to and watch for the ways that God, who continues to reveal himself through Jesus by the Spirit, is inviting us to join him in revealing his liberating and reconciling life in the neighborhoods, networks and world that we are planted in.

May the path
that Christ walks
to bring justice
upon the earth,
to bring light
to those who sit
in darkness,
to bring out those
who live in bondage,
to bring new things
to all creation:

may this path
run through our life.
May we be
the road Christ takes.
- Jan Richardson, The Painted Prayerbook