March 19, 2017 Gathering Audio: Spiritual Direction [Also A Link To An Overview Of Spiritual Direction]

The Practice is an experimental and practical pathway designed to help us become our true selves for our own sake, the sake of those we love, the sake of the world and the glory of Father, Son and Spirit. As part of this exploration we'll be joined by a variety of friends who are proven practitioners and fellow travelers on the journey of authentic faith. During our gatherings they will help us both consider and try out a formational practice each week.

On Sunday March 19 we continued our trek through the first phase, Origin [focused on practices that help us engage the story of who we are, whose we are and what we're designed for], and explored the practice of spiritual direction with the help of our visiting practitioner Dave Wilkinson.

In addition to the audio, here's a document that provides a brief overview of spiritual direction.

Finally, after considering what we explored during this gathering, here are three ways that you might want to respond:

If you are interested in seeing a spiritual director, please contact Dave Wilkinson, who both offers spiritual direction and is connected to other spiritual directors, at

If you are interested in exploring group spiritual direction, in learning how to practice this mode of spiritual friendship with others, please get in touch with Holly Kimm or Justin Bryeans [They will be hosting a gathering for interested folks in the coming days which will unpack the process even further and provide resourcing for this practice.]

If you are interested in exploring this practice, as well as the process of spiritual formation [a deeper dive into the practices we’re introducing], in more depth, Soul Formation [] offers an 18 month learning journey that both Dave and Justin have participated in and that you may want to consider.

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