The Spiritual & Mission Shaped Practice Of Taking A Walk

In Acts 17, beginning in verse 16, we find an example of this practice. Paul, who played an important part in the forming of early communities of Jesus, was in Athens waiting on some friends to arrive. So with time on his hands he did what many of us would do if we were visiting a city. He went out to take in the sights and sounds of the place. And the text tells us that while he was out exploring he noticed the city's deep curiosity and hunger for the transcendent, evidenced by the many places given to the worship of various gods. It goes on to tell us that this experience of observing, of listening to the context, enabled Paul to express the good news of Jesus to those he encountered there in a way that connected to their desire, in a way that connected culturally. And taking a walk, with eyes and ears open, was crucial to this process of bearing witness.

Here's a resource designed to help us become listeners, observers and participants in Jesus' mission, like Paul, in the places we're planted. Take a look, get with a few others from your parish, and take a walk together. And when you're done, take time to debrief together, and to share your experience with others in your parish and beyond.

Kaleo Church