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The Practice Part Ten [Place]: Neighborhood Exegesis

  • New Community 518 West 3rd Avenue Spokane, WA, 99201 United States (map)

The Practice is an experimental and practical pathway designed to help us become our true selves for our own sake, the sake of those we love, the sake of the world and the glory of Father, Son and Spirit. 

On Sunday June 11 we'll continue our trek through the third and final phase, Place, where we focus on practices that help us join Jesus in his mission of love and redemption in the neighborhoods and networks that we are planted in. 

Our specific practice for this gathering is neighborhood exegesis.

What is neighborhood exegesis? The word exegesis means reading out. It is normally used as a theological term describing the activity of digging into the background, history, ethos, and literary context of a passage of Scripture. When we apply this to a given area of our city, neighborhood exegesis is the activity of digging into the background, history, ethos, and contextual issues of a particular area or people group. It is a thorough reading out of a given context to discover what’s really there.

During our gathering we'll share a few helpful details related to this practice, provide a handout with things to pay attention to during this practice and then head out of the building in a variety of groups for a walk around the city, where we'll be prayerfully watching, listening and paying attention. We'll conclude our time together by engaging in a short review of the practice by considering the following questions:

What did I notice in myself as I walked this part of the city – thoughts, questions, strong feelings, or reactions, etc.?

What signs of shalom did my group and I note? Where did we notice God already at work?

What might it look like to “seek the shalom [Jeremiah 29:7]” of this part of the city?